The conversation from Screen as conversation escalates into a discussion. By taking the basic principle of video feedback established before, this experiment uses bigger screens and different input sources. The most compelling aspect of these experiments is how the screen acts autonomously in creating the visuals.


Chat 1 - Monitor to monitor

As one would on a Sunday afternoon, I spent it moving, rotating, angling and changing the colour temperature of the screens. The reflective surface of the glass material occasionally interfered or added something to the visuals. 

What happens when you face two monitors to each other?

At an angle?

This setup didn't create any interesting visual effects. It was useful for generating different (and at times confusing) angles of yourself.
It almost looks like a mirror image, but it's slightly skewed.

Three monitors?

The three-way system didn't produce the effects I wanted since the cameras were not directly facing a screen. It was interesting to see that each screen displayed half of the ones on either side.

How about four monitors?

Chat 2 - DSLR Camera to projection, camera to TV

This experiment removes the human element and uses a camera and a surface that displays the camera’s live view .

Chat 3 - Laptop webcam to projection

Adding music added a whole new level to how the participants interacted and moved. Some participants sought out movements that would create striking flow-on effects. This iteration demonstrates how audiovisual accompaniments can enhance the experience for the musician and the audiences. Participants enjoyed watching their duplicates.

Try at home

Use the online webcam here.

Some prompts:

  •  Flashing the screen (so the screen momentarily goes all white) creates interesting visual ripple effects.
  • Larger screen surfaces offer more space for visual effects.
  • Change the colours of the screen. Windows offers colour filters (grayscale, different colour output). If not you can adjust night-time colour temperatures.
  • Scale of things become distorted in the feedback loops. In clips with my hand, you can see it appears larger on some screens because it is close to the webcam.

Tags: reconfiguring, interact, video feedback, dialogue, performer, performance, body, popular