a material space

Screens are everywhere. From the mobile phone in your hand to the computer you’re viewing now, these display surfaces have saturated our world. As digital screens get smaller, thinner, and even flexible, they recede further into the background becoming more omnipresent, but also more invisible. While seemingly immaterial and self-effacing, this research aims to bring our attention back to the screen.

Screen as____ is an ongoing suite of experiments that adapt modern technology in unusual ways to create new perspectives on screens and screen practice. Through processes of deconstructing, defamiliarising and reconfiguring, this research speculates on new relationships to the technology. As a primary tool for design practitioners, the screen facilitates communication. While it is essential to understand what is being communicated, it is also imperative to understand the medium being used to do so. The screen is not only a display device but also a sophisticated material space.

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Project by Joanna Shuen.

This research through design project was completed as part of my final Honours year in Visual Communication Design at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

2020 AGDA Awards Student Craft Photography / Distinction